TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

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So what is the point of engaging an Integrity Soils Regenerative Agriculture Coach? And perhaps – what could it cost me not to?

Most agricultural producers are feeling the pain of rising input costs, climate extremes, low commodity prices, and a declining social status as consumers more critically evaluate ‘farmers / ranchers’ husbandry practices – whether from an informed stance or not.

Most producers are in the business because they enjoy being involved in the processes of agriculture – whether that be grazing, cropping or horticulture. Most are not there because they love research or computer time. Many feel they have little time to attend events that expose them to different ideas, they often too busy doing the activities that make the wheels go round on their property. As a result, much of the advice farmers receive, comes to them from people with products to sell and the more that can be sold the merrier the profit of the seller.

So, do we as Regenerative Agriculture Coaches have something to sell too? Absolutely! We have years of experience – both in knowledge, and perhaps more importantly, in questioning. Attachment to knowledge leads to more of the same. But attachment to questioning? That creates new and exciting opportunities, and in these lie possible solutions to all of your problems.

Agriculturalists are fiercely independent and often justifiably proud of their ability to solve problems by themselves – and so they should be. But when more of the same is not working it is time to engage in something different.

As you move into becoming more regenerative in your approach you automatically become more holistic in your thinking and actions. As busy people, it is not always easy to know what to do next, with so much information out there, and much of it conflicting.

To simplify you engage Integrity Soils. What do you get for the money? You get passionate individual/s, removed from your business, who examine every facet of your enterprise – the minerals, microbes, organic matter, management and mindset.

Our goal is to empower you, so you can better understand how you can move closer to your aspirations. And then we coach you through the process of change to move into a state of alignment with your goals.

We actively encourage and support your business, and personal journey. And how? We are each of us engaged in discovering and removing limitations to develop ourselves in the world. We are committed to gaining new wisdom constantly about the regenerative process of agriculture because this is our passion. And then to sharing this with our clients.

What are the potential downsides to working with us?

You must be prepared to become brutally honest – for the level of what we can offer you is dependent upon the information you provide us. You must be prepared to address aspects of life and land management which perhaps you’ve been putting off? And you must be prepared for things to change – for they surely will!

Together; you and us – we create an amazing TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).
Your Success Is Our Business.

Written by Angus Deans.

Angus is available for coaching to empower you to create a thriving, profitable and regenerative farm business and can be contacted by phoning +61 0428 729 242 or emailing