The Culmination of CREATE #1


When we first began an exploration into what a coaching program could look like, our dream was to foster a transformative experiential learning process to foster powerful, capable, complex thinkers.  Lofty goals indeed.

We’re clear, the world doesn’t need more experts with ‘THE answer.”  Agriculture needs the pattern sensors and heart-felt coaches who can walk alongside farmers and ranchers, supporting the expansion of observation skills and decision-making processes based upon deep ecological understandings.

If you believe that following a set of practices and principles will lead to regenerative outcomes, a rude shock may await. Every practice can cause degenerative or regenerative outcomes.  Without addressing the underlying structures and paradigms in place, the business as usual model of colonial exploitation, injustice and degradation will remain in place.   We’ll see more of the same but in a different package, clipping a ticket labelled “regenerative.”

As one of our CREATE students said, “I’ve taught mindset for years. I now see, I never changed my own.” There have been so many mic drops like this during the past 5 months, a few highlights include comments like; “I thought I was coming to this program to learn about you (Nicole), and what I learned about was myself; what you have taught me is how to think.”

The program is intensive, and admittedly it did cross my mind that some would drop off on the way. To see every face together in Bozeman for our final gathering has been an overwhelming and awe-inspiring experience.  And O SO much FUN, laughter and joy!

We managed to deliver what was once only a daydream, and I feel so proud of the team in pulling this mammoth event off!  Huge gratitude to Michael Cashmore, Jules Matthews, Emily House, Cynthia Northcote, Pete Lannan, Didi Pershouse and head wrangler Meagan Lannan, and my Mum, Namma (Michele).