Fresh, accessible presenter

“I loathe writing references. Why? Because one is compelled to allude to skills the referee simply doesn’t ‘quite’ live up to. However in Nicole’s case I am really rather flattered to answer the call. I first met Nicole at a three day Biological Agriculture seminar in Waitomo in 2005. Sadly she was the only person of her age group at the seminar and this is a seminal point. The advocates and proponents of biological farming systems are in general in their 50’s & 60’s. Nicole presents a fresh wise face with the education and experience to back her – she has the university qualifications AND the practical knowledge. I have been present on several varied occasions when Nicole has given educational seminars.

She is a very thorough and competent presenter able to pitch to absolute novices or seasoned growers. Her manner is very personable and her message clear, articulate and delivered with humour and humility. Nicole has grown up in the technology era so is easily able to utilise the modern tools, which allow her to easily use the computer aids that make her presentations so accessible. I will be happy to respond in person to any queries.”  Nick Pattison, orchardist and commercial composter, New Zealand