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Give your agriculture business a checkup

When you are ill, you go to a doctor. Like your body, your farm is a complex ecosystem that needs regular expert attention and “checkups.”

Who can you trust for farm advice?

While agriculture suppliers are usually helpful and can be a good source of information, their focus is on the products they offer and make money from.

At Integrity Soils our team of consultants specialises in biological farming systems and their management. For over 15 years, we have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them.

Unlike other advice sources, our consulting recommendations are INDEPENDENT and come from PROVEN research. We don’t get paid a commission on products we recommend and we have access to not only the latest scientific studies, but real life case studies and experience of what is working for other agricultural businesses.

We can help you to...

  • save money through more efficient use of fertilisers and chemicals
  • reduce pests, weeds and disease
  • improve soil health for long term sustainability of your farm
  • increase the nutritional value of food you grow
  • deal with the ever increasing attention being paid to the environment and people’s health concerns about our food.

How our service works?

Here are some of the ways we can work with your farm, ranch, organisation or business:

  • agricultural workshops and seminars
  • agricultural on-site consulting
  • staff training and up-skilling
  • telephone consulting
  • agricultural books, tools and DVDs.

Call us now at +64 274 523 900 or via Skype at colem123 to find out how we can solve some of the challenges facing your farm, ranch or agricultural business.

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Workshop topics we can offer

  • An introduction to soil management for farmers
  • How soil affects your farm’s yield
  • Why weed spraying doesn’t work and what you can do about it
  • Is your farm addicted to inputs? How to break the cycle
  • How to cut your farm’s chemical bill in half overnight
  • CSI for farmers – Investigating the scene of the grime
  • Turn ranch and farm waste into a resource
  • Reducing costs by increasing sustainability
  • Reducing the impact of extreme climate
  • Microbiology for farmers and ranchers
  • View more workshop topics here

Integrity Soils has presented for

Beef and Lamb NZ Ranch Management Consultants (USA) Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (AUS)
Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority (AUS) Kaipara Harbour Integrated Management Group Auckland Council (NZ)
The Mulloon Institute (AUS) Tauranga City Council (NZ) NutriSoil LS, Albury (AUS)
Toi Toi Manawa Western Bay of Plenty Council Environment BOP
Soil and Health Association (NZ) BOP Polytechnic Taruna College
Eastern Institute of Technology Lincoln University Association of Biological Farmers (NZ)
Organic Dairy Producers Group Organic Pipfruit Growers Association NZ And more….