Take the power back!

You will develop your skills to questions like:

  • Why are minerals important for soil, plants and animals?
  • What supports the optimal function of soil minerals?
  • How do I enhance my nitrogen use?
  • What are my underground livestock, what are they doing in the soil and how do I feed them?
  • Are my pests and weeds trying to tell me something?
  • How can I get rid of pests without using poisons?

This course is offered as a stand-alone or a partner to the Soil Health Foundations Program. To purchase both at a discounted rate click here


“Thank you all for putting on the most interesting, informative and stimulating days that I have had in my farming life. Had me focused for the whole time, not something that I ever achieved at school” – James Halford – Cropping Farmer

This course covers 5 hours of professionally filmed footage taken during a 3-day Masterclass in Hamilton, New Zealand in October 2018. Review questions help to support the learning. The first 100 students to enroll will receive a comprehensive printed workbook of all the slides and exercises to follow along.

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*The first 100 to enrol will receive a free professional workbook of all of the slides in full colour (all 306 of them!)
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Course fee: $387 USD
Student rate: $287 USD
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These 2 courses are designed to be complementary as the Masterclass outdoor practical sessions are not included in this course.

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By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Communicate more clearly around what it means to be regenerative
  2. Tools to assess soil health
  3. Better understand your soil and leaf tissue tests
  4. The role of minerals in soil, plant and animal health
  5. Identify what factors are limiting health and production on your place
  1. Profitably reduce your nitrogen and chemical use
  2. Understand what different soil microbes do in soil and how to feed them
  3. What factors influence soil erosion
  4. Insights into what pests and weeds are indicating
  5. Be able to take action using the triage of decision-making

Warning – soil assessments can become addictive!


“I strongly encourage people to do the course to be able to understand and define their own soils and have a measurement to compare any changes over time. ”

“Nicole’s Soil Health Foundations course is a must for farmers and gardeners looking for a new way to experience and appreciate their soil.”

“I could listen to you talk for months and not tire. I can’t wait to start doing stuff on my farm and for my family’s health…and book myself for more courses.” – Tiffany Neylon

“Thank you, never too old to learn, only regret is that we didn’t have this knowledge 40 years ago. A brilliant workshop and feast of information for those at the beginning or well through their regenerative journey.  Fascinating insight into what is possible by nurturing soil and plant micro-life to build healthy soils, animals and humans.” EM Turnbull

Guys, this was all great! I can’t believe how much material you presented and how much depth, care, enthusiasm you expressed. Thank you so much. – Peter West
“Mind is blown, I have answered a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about. I have a good plan to take back is good to know I’m on the right track.” – Matt Black