There is a lot that goes into understanding soils… they are complex, with so many variables. It’s no wonder so many producers never dig holes, or worse, spend thousands of dollars to apply unnecessary products or hire someone else to assess the health of their soil.

If you’ve been unsure about current on-farm/ranch practices and are looking to make sense of the endless recommendations that may not “add up,” these courses will give you the foundations to support you in making informed decisions about the health of your soil.

Take the power back into your own hands by taking action for your land, animals, family and profits today!

Empower yourself!

Read your soil like a Pro with the Soil Health Foundation: Click here for more information or here to register

Apply the 5Ms of soil health to diagnose and take action for your soil and plant health in the Soil Masterclass:  Click here  for more information or here to register

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Warning – soil assessments can become addictive!


“I could listen to you talk for months and not tire. I can’t wait to start doing stuff on my farm and for my family’s health…and book myself for more courses.” – Tiffany Neylon

“Thank you, never too old to learn, only regret is that we didn’t have this knowledge 40 years ago. A brilliant workshop and feast of information for those at the beginning or well through their regenerative journey. Fascinating insight into what is possible by nurturing soil and plant micro-life to build healthy soils, animals and humans.” EM Turnbull

Guys, this was all great! I can’t believe how much material you presented and how much depth, care, enthusiasm you expressed. Thank you so much. – Peter West
“Mind is blown, I have answered a lot of questions I wasn’t sure about. I have a good plan to take back is good to know I’m on the right track.” – Matt Black