Setting up foliar trials

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Setting up foliar trials - Integrity Soils

Setting up a foliar trial to assess which products lift the brix the highest. By being able to do this we can more accurately choose our next course of action. We mixed 150mls water with a measured amount of  nine different bio stimulants (plus one control with just water).  Treatments could include, and are not limited to; molasses, humic, fulvic, fish, seaweed, seaminerals, enzymes, BD preps…

We sprayed each section and recorded what product went where. Forty minutes later we returned and used our refractometers to measure which treatments created the largest lift in brix (see other blogs about brix). Ideally at least a lift by 2 degrees.

Interestingly when we’ve put urea or hormone products in the brix drops dramatically.

Setting up trials

When setting up pasture trials to assess brix, pasture performance and quality improvements, make sure you treat entire areas. I’ve had a number of trials now that have been destroyed by elk, kangaroos, horses and other livestock who will selectively graze, camp out or even physically tear up areas which have received a Bio-treatment.

I’m always amazed by how far and wide animals will travel to find good feed, and how is that they can even sense the changes to their pasture?  Love to hear your thoughts on this.