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Cutting edge science

“Nicole Masters brings to the Landcare Group the cutting edge science that allows us to innovate and develop the practices necessary to remain profitable.”  Klaus Boelke,  Warby Range Landcare Group Facilitator, NSW, Australia

Empowered & Positive

“I was really challenged on thinking about what the potential was for our semi-arid climate.  Since Nicole came to the ranch, we’ve embarked on new actions.  I now feel more empowered and positive about what is possible here and for all of agriculture”.   Steve Charter – Rancher, Montana USA


Vermicomposting success

“Nicole has impressed everyone involved, with her skills in organising then leading a workshop motivating groups to become involved in vermicomposting.  Her success can be summarised in her thorough technical knowledge of the subject and her ability to deliver a programme in a professional manner…” Nick Roozenberg, City Council, New Zealand


Sustainable plan for lifestyle block

“Moving to a lifestyle block in 2011 was exciting but overwhelming. I was floundering trying to figure out what to do first to resuscitate our pasture and garden soils. I could get lots of advice about what conventional fertilizers and weed control to use, but until we found Nicole none could help us work up a complete sustainable resuscitation plan for our specific site. Within days of her visit, I had a written plan, a time line, a budget and essential contacts. I knew how to proceed and I could confidently assure my budget conscious husband that following the plan would give us the healthy vibrant grasses we wanted for livestock and the perfect soil to grow nutritious food for ourselves.

I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone who wants to get the most from their land in a sustainable manner.” Catherine Dunton- McLeod, New Zealand

Uncomplicating the message

“Nicole Masters gets the complicated organic message across in simple layman terms in a no nonsense way. Her explanation and understanding of the science of soil microbiology and plant needs is delivered in an easy to follow straight to the point manner. My staff and I find her knowledge and enthusiasm for the environment invigorating and enjoyable.”  Orchardist Kerry Branigan, New Zealand

Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable

“I would highly recommend Nicole as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very capable workshop facilitator, presenter and soil biological educator to anyone interested in improving their soil health. Nicole also offered many great suggestions about the running of future workshops.” Alice Taylor, Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority

Fresh, accessible presenter

“I loathe writing references. Why? Because one is compelled to allude to skills the referee simply doesn’t ‘quite’ live up to. However in Nicole’s case I am really rather flattered to answer the call. I first met Nicole at a three day Biological Agriculture seminar in Waitomo in 2005. Sadly she was the only person of her age group at the seminar and this is a seminal point. The advocates and proponents of biological farming systems are in general in their 50’s & 60’s. Nicole presents a fresh wise face with the education and experience to back her – she has the university qualifications AND the practical knowledge. I have been present on several varied occasions when Nicole has given educational seminars.

She is a very thorough and competent presenter able to pitch to absolute novices or seasoned growers. Her manner is very personable and her message clear, articulate and delivered with humour and humility. Nicole has grown up in the technology era so is easily able to utilise the modern tools, which allow her to easily use the computer aids that make her presentations so accessible. I will be happy to respond in person to any queries.”  Nick Pattison, orchardist and commercial composter, New Zealand

Keeping info current

“Nicole Masters provided a full day interactive training session for myself and my staff at Soil Matters, a soil consultancy and fertiliser company that follows the biological principals of Agriculture. Nicole’s knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to impart her knowledge in an exciting, meaningful way, inspires us all to ask more questions of her and ourselves, which leads to better understanding of Biological systems and how we can integrate them into our farming systems.

We will continue to use Nicole’s workshops as more and more is known of the biological systems and to have a biological educator that keeps information current is a real asset to our Company.”  Rob Flynn, Soil Matters New Zealand.

Soil microbes

Bringing soil to life

“Nicole Masters from Integrity Soils is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker with a skill that brings soil to life and gets participants excited and enthralled about what lives under their feet! Nicole’s presentations are a perfect balance of science and on the ground real life experience.

I highly recommend Nicole as a ‘must have’ speaker on the topic of soil health and soil biology.” Darren Fahey, Australian Organics Recycling Association

Improving Profitability

Nicole is the only person to come onto the farm that wants us to spend less money. I consider Integrity Soils to be an essential part of improving the farm profitability. Even in this year of poor lamb prices, we regard employing Nicole as a non-negotiable item of farm expenditure. Her advice has directly resulted in a financial benefit to us in a year where we have had six consecutive months of below average rainfall.”  Chris Dagg, Queenstown

Ranching for Profit

“I invited Nicole’s to conduct a workshop on soil health for our clients (American ranchers). My expectations were high and she exceeded them. Her knowledge, personality, humor, and enthusiasm were compelling. She kept the audience thoroughly engaged in the classroom and in the field. I appreciated her flexibility in making some last minute adjustments in her program to deal with some unexpected nasty weather. Nicole’s presentation was powerful and changed the way our clients look at soil and the role of soil in producing a healthy product at a healthy profit.”  David Pratt, America

Integrity Soils workshop

Workshop Attendees

“Excellent, Nicole Masters for me was awesome!!!! To have someone young and so passionate was inspirational. It’s good to have someone young talking as I’m so used to hearing older people talk (no offence!).”

“Nicole is a dynamic presenter – helped by audience participation made us think and realise that we have much to learn yet;”

“Very good structured introduction to a complex concept for many;”

“FANTASTIC – both very interesting.”

“Came away with a lot of new information. The confidence and knowledge of their delivery was first class.”

“The overall concept of why biological farming works; the penny dropped for me.”

“Good day, I’m glad I went. This presentation has completely changed my future thinking of my farm fertiliser requirements.”

Putting us back in control

“The short time with Nicole was more informative than the last 18 years listening to fertiliser reps and their like. It has helped in having a greater understanding of the processes involved, and put us back in control, in regard to soil fertility and animal health.”  Roger White, New Zealand