Water Test Kit – 12 Tests


Water Test Kit – 12 Tests



  • 12 Easy to use test kits for immediate, accurate on-site results.
  • Sealed in foil packets providing total protection for the patented test strips.
  • Safe to use.     Fast, easy to understand results.
  • One Test Each for Alkalinity, Chlorine, Copper, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Sulfate
  • Includes tests for Sulfate and Manganese (not found in other test kits, but very important to test for!)
  • Includes Total Dissolved Solids Tester.   Test for TDS, Conductivity and Temperature! 

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These water kits are manufactured in the United States with high quality U.S. Made test strips and re-usable pH drops.  Also included is a manganese test kit and TDS Meter to get the results you need.

Order yours now,  discounted price NZD85.00 until the end of August 2022.

Test strips alone cannot accurately test for Total Dissolved Solids, manganese (common stainer in well water).

Also includes a drops pH test, which we find is much easier to use than pH strips and can be used for multiple samples.

This kit has important water tests that are not commonly found in test strip kits.

These 12 parameters are a must-know and are designed to give you results accurately and rapidly.

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