For the Love of Soil


For the Love of Soil


This book is for those wanting to create vibrant, profitable and healthy food production systems.

For the Love of Soil was written to communicate the often complex and technical know-how of soil in more digestible terms, with case studies from regenerative farmers, growers and ranchers in Australasia and North America. I reveal what inspired these land managers to shift their thinking and what have been the results from a process of restoring the soil-gut-microbiome. We’ll also explore the principles and tools so you can take actions to regenerate your own soil resource, no matter the scale.

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“For the Love of Soil” is a land manager’s roadmap to healthy soil, revitalized food systems in challenging times


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“Masters unveils a flawed food production system that is in desperate need of review,” says Graeme Sait, director of Australia-based Nutritech Solutions. “She chronicles the heroic work of the farmers and ranchers who have accepted that challenge and she provides a pragmatic and inspiring game plan for those contemplating that journey.”

Nicole’s book breaks down the complex, technical know-how of soil into more digestible terms.  She combines this with case studies from her travels working with farmers and ranchers across Australasia and North America to explain what inspires and enables these innovative land managers to embrace a new land ethic and build “soil capital” on their agricultural operations.  Together, they present a compelling testament to the global, rapidly growing soil health movement.

The producers Nicole works alongside are based in some of the most extraordinary and breathtaking landscapes in Australasia and North America. She takes us on a journey to meet farmers and ranchers from the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island, to the wilds of Western Australia, the desert landscapes of Nevada and to the edge of grain production areas in Canada.  What led them to change their practices, how do they achieve their goals and what results are they seeing?

“For years, many of us involved in regenerative agriculture have been touting the soil health – plant health – animal health – human health connection but no one has tied them all together as Nicole does,” says farmer and soil health advocate, Gabe Brown. “She shows us through her own personal experiences and those of farmers, ranchers, researchers and medical professionals all over the world that the answers lie in the soil.”

In spite of the challenges food producers face, Masters’ book shows even incredibly degraded landscapes can be regenerated through mimicking natural systems and focusing on the soil first.

“Our global agricultural production systems are frequently at war with ecosystem health and Mother Nature,” notes Terry McCosker of Resource Consulting Services in Australia. “In this book, Nicole is declaring peace with nature and provides us with the science and guidelines to join the regenerative agriculture movement while increasing profits.”

These stories can offer inspiration to those who love quality food and the environment. We can all get in behind producers who are selflessly providing ecosystem services well beyond the farm gate. Now more than ever we all need to catch the soil bug and regenerate our landscapes!