Need your staff and apprentices to have more agricultural knowlege but don't have the time or people to train them fully?

Send them to me! 

My name is Nicole Masters. I am a specialist in biological farming systems and their management. For over 15 years, I have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them.

Companies which send their staff members to me for training are ecstatic with the results.

One On One New Zealand Apprenticeship Training

consultWith this program, send me your staff member to train with me for an entire week week (or a timeframe which suits you).

During the week, they will:

  • Work and study on site giving you the benefit of total immersion in the learning environment

  • Gain invaluable hands-on practical experience with visual soil assessments and soil test interpretation

  • Build observations skills concerning above and below ground indicators

  • Learn relevant and current principals taught by a qualified educator

  • Fill in their knowledge gaps and take their learning to the next level

This training program saves companies a lot of lag time in training up new staff members and consultants, One of our clients reckons it has saved them months of time getting their consultant ready for field work,

Here is a testimonial from a graduates of the program.

"Spending a week with Nicole was an inspiring experience.  She not only is one of the leading experts of biological farming in New Zealand, but she was brilliant in teaching me what she knows and how to put theory into practice, on farms and all areas of food production, not only in New Zealand but internationally as well.  Her teaching is fun, varied and enjoyable, with a good amount of theory and practical.  She has given me a wealth of knowledge and confidence to start my new job with and I highly recommend Nicole as a teacher for anyone who wants to learn about biological farming."
–  Julie Forrester – Soils consultant

Call me now at +64 274 523 900 or via Skype at colem123 to find out more about training for your staff and consultants.