Bianca Jones

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Bianca is General Manager at Organic Food and is handling the corporate clients division.

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Roger White

New Zealand

Sheep and beef

The short time with Nicole was more informative than the last 18 years listening to fertiliser reps and their like. It has helped in having a greater understanding of the processes involved, and put us back in control, in regard to soil fertility and animal health.”

Dr Christine Jones


Australian workshops 2011

Feedback received from joint workshops with Dr Christine Jones, Australian workshops 2011:

“Excellent, Christine Jones great as usual but Nicole Masters for me was awesome!!!! To have someone young and so passionate was inspirational. It’s good to have someone young talking as I'm so used to hearing older people talk (no offence!).”

“Nicole is a dynamic presenter – helped by audience participation made us think and realise that we have much to learn yet;”

“Very good structured introduction to a complex concept for many;”

“FANTASTIC – both very interesting.”

"Came away with a lot of new information. The confidence and knowledge of their delivery was first class."

“The overall concept of why biological farming works; the penny dropped for me.”

"Good day, I’m glad I went. This presentation has completely changed my future thinking of my farm fertiliser requirements."

David Pratt

Ranching for Profit

I invited Nicole's to conduct a workshop on soil health for our clients (American ranchers). My expectations were high and she exceeded them. Her knowledge, personality, humor, and enthusiasm were compelling. She kept the audience thoroughly engaged in the classroom and in the field. I appreciated her flexibility in making some last minute adjustments in her program to deal with some unexpected nasty weather. Nicole's presentation was powerful and changed the way our clients look at soil and the role of soil in producing a healthy product at a healthy profit.