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The "Super Dupa Special" Includes 4 DVD sets: – Dr Elaine Ingham "Compost – Just Do It" – Gray Zimmer & Joel Williams "BFA Biological Roadshow 2011" – Dr Paul Hepperly "Who Says Organic Farming Is Better?" – Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Masters & Graeme Hand "Living Soils" NutriSoil Open Day 2011"

Disc set 1: Dr Elaine Ingham "Compost – Just Do It"

World leader in practical, farm friendly, soil microbiology. Established 12 Soil Foodweb (SFI) laboratories worldwide. Now millions of acres being farmed under her system. Listen as she talks to 270 keen farmers who gathered to hear her principles. It is these principles that had the local farmers slash input costs by over 50%, increase production, pasture and animal health. The take home message was COMPOST to get the soil life going.
Can farming be so simple?
Introduction by Tony Evans who makes compost onfarm with dairy farmers.

Disc set 2: Gary Zimmer & Joel Williams "BFA Biological Roadshow 2011"

Gary is an early adopter of biological farming. A practical, award winning organic farmer, world renowned consultant, entertaining speaker. Find out which chemicals lock up vital & essential trace elements. His latest book: “Advancing Biological Farming” reveals his latest lessons. Gary is dedicated to restore soils. Joel, BFA member, formerly with Soil Foodweb, made it clear that the soil life is all important. Revealing the science of the soil biology, another piece of the jigsaw which is essential for all farmers to know.

Disc set 3: Dr Paul Hepperly "Who Says Organic Farming Is Better?"

Dr. Paul Hepperly is a scientific researcher & author & co-author of over 180 scientific publicatons on conventional and organic agriculture. Paul shows convincing results of the advantage gained from biological farming. Using comparisons from 30 years of research at world famous Rodale Institute where organic farming runs side by side to conventional. When you understand and see the benefits its easy to see for yourself why farmers are making the shift. to biological.
This is the full day’s presentation.

Disc set 4: Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Masters & Graeme Hand "Living Soils – NutriSoil Open Day 2011"

Agro-ecologist Nicole Masters covers essential role of microbes in the development of soiljoint presentation together with Dr Christine Jones who describes the mechanisms behind the liquid carbon pathway with practical examples. Graham Hand, from Stipa, presents the keys to holistic grazing management.