NutriSoil Open Day 2011

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A 2 disc set from the 2011 NutriSoil Open Day with presentations from Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Masters & Graeme Hand.

Agro-ecologist Nicole Masters covers essential role of microbes in the development of soil. Dr Christine Jones discusses the mechanisms behind the liquid carbon pathway with practical examples. Graham Hand, from Stipa, presents the keys to holistic grazing management.


Feedback received from joint workshops with Nicole Masters and Dr Christine Jones:
“Excellent, Christine Jones great as usual but Nicole Masters for me was awesome!!!! To have someone young and so passionate was inspirational. It’s good to have someone young talking as I’m so used to hearing older people talk (no offence!).”

“Nicole is a dynamic presenter – helped by audience participation made us think and realise that we have much to learn yet;”

“Very good structured introduction to a complex concept for many;”

“FANTASTIC – both very interesting.”

“Came away with a lot of new information. The confidence and knowledge of their delivery was first class.”

“The overall concept of why biological farming works; the penny dropped for me.”