NutriSoil Open Day 2011

NutriSoil Open Day 2011

A 2 disc set from the 2011 NutriSoil Open Day with presentations from Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Mas..

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The Keys to Herd Health

The Keys to Herd Health

Whether dairy or beef, a healthy herd begins in such keystone concepts as biodiversity on the farm, ..

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Hands-On Agronomy DVD Workshop

Hands-On Agronomy DVD Workshop

Hardcover: DVD-ROM Author: Neal Kinsey Language: English ..

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dvd-cover-1-emailDigging Deeper

Hardcover: DVD-ROM 2 Desk Set Author: Nicole Masters Language: English ..

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Super Duper DVD Special!

Super Duper DVD Special!

The “Super Dupa Special” Includes 4 DVD sets: – Dr Elaine Ingham “Compost – Just Do It” – Gray Zimme..

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restoration-agriculture-dvd_2Restoration Agriculture in Practice

In this professionally produced video Mark Shepard takes viewers on a video tour of his Wisconsin farm and conducts a full-scale introductory presentation on his unique combination of permaculture, silvopasture, agroforestry and eco-farming.

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