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Paperback: 216 pages
Author: Kelly Klober
Language: English

In this book, author and lifelong poultry keeper Kelly Klober turns his attention to alternative poultry ventures. The newfound interest in heritage breeds of chicken has created a unique opportunity for small farmers to reintroduce consumers to other types of poultry. Ducks, pigeons and guinea were all once ubiquitous on the family farm, and the market is opening to them once again among influential chefs and foodies. From geese to quail to peahens to turkeys, Klober discusses the pros and cons of each and how to best fit an alternative poultry venture into your farming operation. Filled with humorous personal anecdotes and practical advice on feeding, housing, pricing and marketing, this book is a must read for the small farmer interested in an alternative to the ever present white egg laying chicken or any lover of poultry.