The term “community of practice” is of relatively recent coinage, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. Communities of practice provide an approach, which focuses on people and on the social structures that enable them to learn with and from each other.

Integrity Soils has a culture of ecological organization. “As above, so below” The work we are in the world, is the work we take on within the business based on a foundation of integrity in everything we do. We are collaborative, mindful, inter-related, self-expressed, curious and active learners. We believe fun should be part of everything we do.

The Integrity Soils Community of practice is a collective of cutting-edge agroecological coaching and consultancy practitioners who embrace this culture of being.


  • Enabling practitioners to take collective responsibility for managing the knowledge they need, recognizing that, given the proper structure, they are in the best position to do this.
  • Communities among practitioners create a direct link between learning and outcomes
  • Practitioners can address the tacit and dynamic aspects of knowledge creation and sharing and the more explicit aspects.
  • Communities are not limited by formal structures

Our Community of Practice is in the process of being birthed into the world, with new relationships evolving. Currently, members are in New Zealand and Australia.


Active Soils, New Zealand

One of the most important things I’ve learnt and proved its value is that without measurement there is no management.  At Active Soils Limited we will continue the focus on improving ecological systems, sharing the knowledge, and enabling people to take actions for themselves to achieve outcomes and achieve on goals they’ve chosen.

A world of new options opens up when people start to create a connection with the soil, gain understanding of ecological systems and see them in action. There is no going back once this connection and awareness is made.

How do we know what’s been gained? When we can see – and measure – within a few months of implementing our program, changes taking place as a result of adjustments in on-farm management systems. This makes my role truly satisfying. To hear and see people having wins instead of frustrations, this is exciting.

Perceptions of what is possible on farm are continually updated as new knowledge and refinements of practices rapidly change, evolve and spread. Working to build a healthy biologically functioning soil will assist in achieving new farming outcomes.




Reinventing Agriculture, Australia

We work with innovative land managers to create resilient, regenerative and profitable farming systems. We are passionate about reinventing agricultural businesses to build resilience and profit in all domains – financial, human and natural capital.

Perhaps you have tried lots of regenerative practices but you are not achieving the outcomes you know are possible. Often people who become inspired by regenerative agriculture initially take what we like to call a “scattergun” approach, trying lots of practices and products randomly with no clear strategy.

There is no one size fits all approach. We work with you to create your strategy, one that fits your unique situation and puts first things first. Our holistic coaching and educational programs are tailored to the needs of the individual/group and are built on a solid foundation of soil health, business & land management as well as mindset.

If you have read lots of books, been inspired by podcasts, courses and field days but are not sure where to start we can help you move from overwhelm into taking the next right actions.

If you have been on this path for a while we provide you with a supportive team around you who get it. We will continue to extend you, shine a light on your blind spots, save you time in accessing relevant information and resources. Your success is our business.

Our programs are suitable for all scales and types of agricultural enterprises. We have decades of experience working with small scale and broad acre farming enterprises in grazing, cropping and horticultural enterprises.

These times are calling for us to reinvent agriculture to create regenerative outcomes. To go beyond finding nicer ways to do the same things and expecting different results. To get out of our comfort zone, ask better questions, connect with our own innate wisdom and nature’s ecosystem processes to create a whole new system that makes the old obsolete.

We aim to empower leaders, not create followers.



Students of the CREATE program who demonstrate proficient abilities and align well with the Integrity Soils approach during the school may be invited to become members of the Integrity Soils Community of Practice (CoP).

Staff training

Full or half day sessions designed to empower and educate your team around the principles and practices to help ensure your soil health programs are a success.

For agricultural companies ensuring your staff have good foundational knowledge and skills so they can help support their clients learning and achieve their farming goals.  For more information click here

We work alongside curious and open-minded people who are response-able, courageous and innovative. People and organisations who are committed to making the difference for themselves, their families, the environment, their communities and their businesses.

Looking for in-house training and support designing behaviour change projects? We have worked alongside organizations like NZ Merino, Intertribal Agriculture Council, and Apricot Farms (from the movie “Biggest Little Farm). Here’s what they had to say:

Shawn Greenbaum, Apricot Lane Farms: “Over the past several months our team has been meeting with Nicole to troubleshoot issues we are seeing in the field and to brainstorm creative solutions.  What quickly became apparent is Nicole’s unique ability to move agilely between the macro and the micro, from the garden to the orchard to pastures; between the dynamic and the fixed, from the mineral to the physical to the biological.

Her experience …over a diversity of landscapes and operations informs her pattern thinking, creating a depth of knowledge that pervades and complements her personalized interactions with our team.  With an eye towards both stewardship and production, Nicole has a knack for asking the right questions that catalyze creative problem solving and strategic thinking, leading us towards the discovery of long-term, sustainable solutions for our diversified farming operation.”

Donna Chan, NZ Merino: “Always a pleasure to bounce ideas around with Nicole. We were able to further brainstorm the opportunities for regen in the NZ context. She always brings her wealth of knowledge and on the ground experience that comes from her work with farmers implementing regenerative principles. She both challenges us to be more bold and ambitious, whilst also having plenty of workable solutions to recommend. We really value our relationship with Nicole and Integrity Soils.”

Zach Ducheneaux, Intertribal Agriculture Council: “Nicole’s willingness to help rebuild our former relationship with our ecosystems; starting from where they are at now, and doing so in a way that inspires and enables the adoption of better soil health practices cannot be matched.”