6 keys to successfully using biological stimulants

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Many land managers transitioning to regenerative agriculture become interested in applying bio-stimulants to bring life back into their system.  There are some simple options to explore in this realm that can suddenly have us excited about farming again.   It is SO much more fun than spending our days applying...
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The soil thermostat

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What would it mean to your enterprise if your soils were warmer in winter and cooler in summer? Money in the pocket as your growing seasons increase perhaps? Producers I work with commonly report earlier grass growth and longer milking/growing seasons as their soil health improves. There are two...
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The Use of Refractometers

I get alot of queries about the use of refractometers and the value of Brix, so here is an overview: REFRACTOMETER THE ESSENTIAL TOOL The planet as we know has been made possible through the action of tiny solar factories located inside plant cells. It may sound farfetched, but...
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