When we first began an exploration into what a coaching program could look like, our dream was to foster a
Image: blog author Nicole Masters, age 5. For those of you that know me, you know I wasn’t always so
By Nicole Masters The protists do not fall into the bacteria, animal, plant or fungal categories. These microscopic organisms are loosely grouped
In-depth interview with Jules Matthews and Kim Deans from Integrity Soils on increasing the health and wellbeing of your stock
In an art as old as the origins of agriculture, reading cattle dung signs provides valuable indicators to feed and
I frequently witness applications of herbicides prior to multi-species cover crop sowing and find myself pondering the following question: Why
Are you obsessed with the weather?  Is how much rain you got, or how dry it is frequently the first
Eighteen months ago I bit the bullet and committed to converting our wee farm, Raumai iti, to regenerative practices. At the
Podcast with Nicole Masters, 'Talkin After Hours with the Lower Blackwood LCDC' hosted by Jo Wren and Kate Tarrant. "Compaction;
Excerpt from Chapter 8 “For the love of soil", by Nicole Masters In a world devoid of its army of
I attended a regenerative agriculture presentation recently and some of the comments from the floor afterwards included an insistent “show
Air in the soil – what are you nuts? Aren’t we meant to pack the dirt tightly around the roots
Multi-species cover cropping is gaining popularity as more farmers embrace a regenerative path. The feelings that accompany standing amongst a
Perhaps you’ve just brought a new piece of land and want to set up a garden, or you’ve had a
Stress, it impacts us all to various degrees and with Covid 19 many of us have experienced new challenges in
Many land managers transitioning to regenerative agriculture become interested in applying bio-stimulants to bring life back into their system.  There
The thrill of soaring begins with conquering the fear of falling. Whether it’s as a kid jumping from a willow
The rain has finally come! And the grass (and most likely weeds aplenty) start to grow. The air is suddenly
One of my favourite trees, Kahikatea (a member of the podocarp family) grow throughout New Zealand.  They are most abundant in
Restoring soil health through regenerative agricultural practices is the key to success for families who are taking up the challenge
An Excerpt from Nicole Masters book For the Love of Soil: In hotter and drier environments, it’s the ants and
Winter grazing of livestock in various parts of New Zealand is currently a contentious issue, due to concerns around sediment
As a child I never dreamt I would fall so deeply in love with soil. I grew up as an
As people become more aware of the need to modify their environment, so that it may become more hospitable or