How do you build stronger more profitable connections with clients?

Soil workshops - Integrity SoilsWe are Integrity Soils, a group of specialists in biological farming systems and their management and for over 15 years, we have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them.

We have a proven history of delivering powerful workshops, conferences, key notes and events to inform, educate and inspire an audience.

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How Integrity Soils helps agricultural supply and service companies

We work with service companies in a number of ways, including:

  • Offering workshops for your customers on getting the maximum benefits from your products and services
  • Providing information sessions showing your customers serious potential problems that your products provide solutions for
  • Training your staff to ensure they good foundational knowledge and skills so they can help your clients achieve their farming goals
  • Creating unique events to position your company as a trusted source of products, information and help
  • Providing a catalyst for change for clients looking to shift their production approach
  • Delivering powerful keynote speaking at conferences or annual general meetings on hot topics your stakeholders are hungry for information on.


What agricultural suppliers and others say about us and our presentations


“I invited Nicole’s to conduct a workshop on soil health for our clients (American ranchers). My expectations were high and she exceeded them. Her knowledge, personality, humor, and enthusiasm were compelling. She kept the audience thoroughly engaged in the classroom and in the field. I appreciated her flexibility in making some last minute adjustments in her program to deal with some unexpected nasty weather. Nicole’s presentation was powerful and changed the way our clients look at soil and the role of soil in producing a healthy product at a healthy profit.”
– David Pratt, Ranching For Profit, USA

“Nicole Masters co-presented with Dr Christine Jones at our 2011 national conference. She was so easy to work with and so well received by our 160 farmer attendees that she was invited back in 2012 to be our keynote speaker. She has a great presentation style with original data compelling farmers to understand the whys and hows to care for soils for long term productivity gains. I highly recommend her for your event plus she is terrific in the field for practical demonstrations.”
– Rachelle Armstrong,  Director, NutriSoil
, Australia

“Nicole Masters provided a full day interactive training session for myself and my staff at Soil Matters, a soil Consultancy and fertiliser company that follows the biological principals of Agriculture.Nicole’s knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to impart her knowledge in an exciting, meaningful way, inspires us all to ask more questions of her and ourselves, which leads to better understanding of Biological systems and how we can integrate them into our farming systems. We will continue to use Nicole’s workshops as more and more is known of the biological systems and to have a biological educator that keeps information current is a real asset to our Company.”

– Rob Flynn, Soil Matters, New Zealand