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Integrity Soils is an agroecological education company. We provide leadership, education and coaching in the field of regenerative agriculture.

We have a culture of ecological organization and systems thinking with the people we work with. “As above, so below.” The work we are in the world is the work we take on within the business, based on a foundation of integrity and connection in everything we do. We are collaborative, mindful, inter-related, self-expressed, curious, and active learners. We believe passion is part of everything we do, creating purposeful actions for ourselves and our people.

In our educational work, we provide catalysts for change in rural communities through discussion, online training, innovation, networking and program design, thus accelerating the transition from ‘modern’ to ‘post-modern’ era of holistic and agroecological food systems.

Using proven processes and adapted technology, an agroecological approach protects soils from erosion, restores water function, reduces dependence on external inputs and improves resilience whilst producing a quality end-product.

We keep it real, always. Continually challenging ourselves to learn and grow. Join us on this deep journey of discovery.

Our Kind of People

We work alongside curious and open-minded people who are response-able, courageous and innovative. People and organisations who are committed to making the difference for themselves, their families, the environment, their communities and their businesses.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach yourself, The CREATE program offers the world’s most in-depth training in regenerative, agroecological systems thinking. Topics dig deep into microbiology, soil science, agronomy, plant physiology, management, mindset and behaviour change. Combining practice and cutting-edge science, you will acquire and cultivate the skills and observations to offer true holistic agricultural options to your clients.

Looking for in-house training and support in designing behaviour change projects? We have worked alongside organizations like NZ Merino, Intertribal Agriculture Council, and Apricot Farms (from the movie “Biggest Little Farm). Here’s what they had to say:

Shawn Greenbaum, Apricot Lane Farms: “Over the past several months our team has been meeting with Nicole to troubleshoot issues we are seeing in the field and to brainstorm creative solutions. What quickly became apparent is Nicole’s unique ability to move agilely between the macro and the micro, from the garden to the orchard to pastures; between the dynamic and the fixed, from the mineral to the physical to the biological.

Her experience …over a diversity of landscapes and operations informs her pattern thinking, creating a depth of knowledge that pervades and complements her personalized interactions with our team. With an eye towards both stewardship and production, Nicole has a knack for asking the right questions that catalyze creative problem solving and strategic thinking, leading us towards the discovery of long-term, sustainable solutions for our diversified farming operation.”

Donna Chan, NZ Merino: “Always a pleasure to bounce ideas around with Nicole. We were able to further brainstorm the opportunities for regen in the NZ context. She always brings her wealth of knowledge and on the ground experience that comes from her work with farmers implementing regenerative principles. She both challenges us to be more bold and ambitious, whilst also having plenty of workable solutions to recommend. We really value our relationship with Nicole and Integrity Soils.”

Zach Ducheneaux, Intertribal Agriculture Council: “Nicole’s willingness to help rebuild our former relationship with our ecosystems; starting from where they are at now, and doing so in a way that inspires and enables the adoption of better soil health practices cannot be matched.”

Latest Articles

2014 TEDx Presentation

Workshop topics we can offer

  • An introduction to soil management for producers
  • What weeds, pests and diseases are indicating
    • And what you can do to reduce them
  • Tools to increase resilience, profit and quality
  • Managing your underground workforce
  • How to cut your farm’s chemical bill overnight
  • CSI for farmers – Investigating the scene of the grime
  • Turn ranch and farm waste into a resource
  • Reducing costs by increasing resilience
  • Reducing the impact of extreme climate
  • Microbiology for farmers and ranchers
  • View more workshop topics here

Integrity Soils has presented for

Beef and Lamb NZ Ranch Management Consultants (USA) Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (AUS)
Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority (AUS) Kaipara Harbour Integrated Management Group Auckland Council (NZ)
The Mulloon Institute (AUS) Tauranga City Council (NZ) NutriSoil LS, Albury (AUS)
Toi Toi Manawa Western Bay of Plenty Council Environment BOP
Soil and Health Association (NZ) BOP Polytechnic Taruna College
Eastern Institute of Technology Lincoln University Association of Biological Farmers (NZ)
Organic Dairy Producers Group Organic Pipfruit Growers Association NZ And more….